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A.S. Degree Progam / 64 Credit Hours

New Online Equine Courses

The online equine courses and programs at Florida International College provides a comprehensive online study for horse professionals and owners. Our continuing education programs are based on research and evidence-based knowledge providing you with practical information to improve the management of the health and welfare of horses and gain knowledge of equine business practices.

There are 5 online courses which offer you an opportunity to explore the latest equine knowledge and research and learn to apply it in a practical way to your career. You can register for one course or complete a series of courses to obtain a program certificate.

Program Objective

The Equine Management degree program offers students a broad foundation of knowledge of the functions of the various segments of the equine science and equine industry. Students will be introduced to key scientific and business concepts and skills essential for success in the equine industry. Students will be prepared to pursue a career in farm management, trainer, assistant trainer, equine business and sales professional.

Equine Management Program Special Offer

About Al-Marah Arabians

  • Won 17 U.S National Championships
  • Won 8 U.S. Reserve National Championships
  • Won 47 U.S National Top Tens
  • Legion of Masters and Excellence – the rarest and most prestigious award an Arabian can win. One in six - 15 of the 80 - who have won this award were bred by Al-Marah.

Meet Mark Miller, owner of Al-Marah Arabians

  • Al-Marah is the oldest, continuously bred, privately owned band of Arabian horses in the world.
  • Al-Marah’s horses are direct decedents of the first and greatest gathering of Bedouin horses from the Arabian Desert by Abbas Pasha in 1815 while he was Governor of Arabia.
  • Al-Marah has been the warhorses of the desert for 75 years.

Did you know…?

  • We are the only program in the U.S. where you can earn your A.S. degree in just 1 year!
  • Our hands-on practicum and classes are held at the beautiful 80-acre, world famous Al-Marah Arabian horse farm
  • There are over 1.6 million jobs in the U.S. for equine professionals: Your equine management degree will provide a platform for jobs such as an assistant trainer, assistant farm manager, assistant breeding farm manager, riding instructor, retail sales position in pharmaceuticals, feed, clothing, tack and equipment, farm and ranch equipment and a host of other related positions.
  • Horse and equine is a $300 billion industry
  • Graduates of FIC’s Equine Management program have the opportunity to take a variety of employment tracks in the horse industry.

Program Description

Duration: 12 months

The Equine Management Associate in Science degree program is ideal for the student who plans pursue a career in the equine industry. Including, equine farm management, equine retail and sales, equine trainer or manager, or establish a service -based equine business. Training and education will include experiential learning designed to add practical experience in the science, production, sales, and show management aspects of the equine industry and prepare students for various careers in the equine industry. Course work includes science -based classes such as nutrition, behavior, anatomy, health care or conformation as well as business -based classes such as business management or sales and marketing.

General Education Core

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
ENC 1101English Comp 13
PSY 2001Gen. Psychology3
SPC 1001Fundamentals of Speech Communication3
MAT 1001College Algebra3
COM 1100Cross-Cultural Communication3

Total Core Credit Hours15

Program Core

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
EQU 1001Intro to Equine Management3
EQU 1010Equine Anatomy & Physiology4
EQU 1110Equine Disease & Lameness4
EQU 1120Equine Nutrition3
EQU 1310Equine Conformation & Judging4
EQU 1320Equine Training & Conditioning 13
EQU 1420Equine Training & Conditioning 23
EQU 2010Equine Business Management3
EQU 2020Equine Sales & Marketing3
EQU 2120Equine Reproduction & Genetics4
EQU 2222Horsemenship & Equitation 13
EQU 3333Horsemenship & Equitation 23
EQU 3400Equine Farm & Stable Practicum 13
EQU 3500Equine Farm & Stable Practicum 23
EQU 4000Equine Capstone3

Total Core49

Total Credits64