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A.S. Degree Progam / 61 Credit Hours

Program Objective

To provide students with the requisite education to be recognized as a well-qualified fitness professional demonstrated by advanced competencies in health, physical fitness, and human performance. The program serves as preparation for national certification for Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Nutrition, and Stregth and Conditioning Coach.

Program Description

Duration: 12 months

This program provides instruction and skill development in preparation for national certification in personal training and sports performance. The program is based on the role delineation data published by accredited national certification organizations to provide students with the most up-to-date knowledge and clinical skills to succeed in defined roles of the fitness and sports industry. Students have the opportunity to demonstrate their professional capabilities through field experiences where students put their knowledge to use in public and commercial enterprises. Students will receive a comprehensive and well-rounded education in the field including the development of the technical skills making them highly competitive in today’s job environment.

General Education Requirements

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
ENC 1101English Comp I3
ENC 1102English Comp II3
PSY 2001General Psychology3
SPC 1001Fundamentals of Speech Communication3
MAT 1001College Algebra3
COM 1100Cross-Cultural Communication2

Total Core Credit Hours17

Core Requirements

Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
ESS 1000Introduction to Exercise Science3
HSC 2001Anatomy & Physiology I3
HSC 2001LAnatomy & Physiology I Lab1
HSC 2021Anatomy & Physiology II3
HSC 2021LAnatomy & Physiology II Lab1
HSC 3001Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics3
ESS 2001Health and Physical Fitness3
ESS 2001Health and Physical Fitness3
ESS 2002Health Screening and Evaluation3
ESS 2020Exercise Prescription3
ESS 3001Foundations of Sports Nutrition3
ESS 3002Applied Concepts in Sports Nutrition3
ESS 3010Training and Assessment for Sports Performance3
ESS 3011Advanced Programming for Sports Performance3
ESS 3201Strength and Conditioning Concepts3
ESS 2222Exercise Science & Sports Studies Lab I3
ESS 3333Exercise Science & Sports Studies Lab II3

Total Core Credit Hours44