Global Exchange Program

The Global Exchange Program allows students from all across the globe an opportunity to study abroad and experience diverse cultures.

Program Description

Global Exchange Program is a study abroad program FIC provides for domestic and international students.

Program Goals

  1. Facilitate students’ intellectual growth through exposure of new knowledge, concepts, and experiences that reflect a different culture.
  2. Contribute to students’ professional growth by encouraging skills sought by employers, including cultural awareness, cross-cultural communication skills, confidence, and self-reliance.
  3. Accelerate students’ personal growth, stimulating a desire for exploration, and expanding students’ ability to adapt to unfamiliar situations

Program Outcomes

  1. Increase of communication skills.
  2. Establishment lifelong friendships.
  3. Enhanced professional network and connections.
  4. Development of worldly insight and multicultural awareness.

Program Length

  • 4 weeks in length
  • 8 weeks in length
  • 12 weeks in length

Program Season

  • Winter – January
  • Spring – April
  • Summer – June
  • Fall – September

Medical Insurance

Access information about Florida International College’s Medical Insurance Plan provided to all participants below.
For more information call 1-407-483-7424 or email


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